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Default Re: which freewheel ?

Yep I'm trying to thread it on the side it goes on...One side (the left) has 2 sets of threads, one for the threaded collar that the sprocket bolts to (counter clockwise) and the threads for the band brake (clockwise) ...The other side (right) has one set of threads for the freewheel that threads on (clockwise)...Now that I'm home, the freewheel the bike shop sold me is a "Dicta Brand" 17 tooth but I dont have the box...The threads are good on both the freewheel and the hub...I wonder if the first few threads are going on easy and then the threading comes to a complete stop because a "standard" thread and a "metric" thread are obviously not working together...Thats why I was wondering if I needed to buy a metric freewheel ? Its been a long time since I have worked with a bicycle but this thing is driving me crazy...

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