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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by xseler View Post
I just bought a Reese Sportwing bike carrier for my car. Gonna install it later today. Looks like it is the best for our 'heavy' bikes because the rack's hooks go through the wheels. With the way my wheels are attached, there should be no way to lose the bike off the rack.

I guess that it will be trial by fire when I haul it to New Mexico in a couple of weeks!!

I recently purchased this same rack. The only difference is mine has the 2 inch bar
going into my two inch hitch on the truck. I have successfully carried two 70 pound Ebikes at one time with no problems. I also bought the adapter so the rack would fit the smaller hitch on my car. This lengthens the out shaft thus limiting tongue weight by about half. I have carried the gas bike alone behind the cars smaller shaft a couple times no problem.

Seems for the price it is Ideal for heavy bikes. I hope this helps.
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