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today ran downtown to pick up the aluminum sectional garage door to use as shelving on the pallet rack for such light weight things such as wheels
well the yard that had moved it with their fork lift for me to their suggested place near the magnet separator -- the operator did not have a clue so when I got there of course it was missing and shredded all over the giant metal pile

well it was a good day out non the less
2) 5 horse briggs seem like they will certainly run well- various power tool and ventilator exhaust pipe 8 and 10 inches diameter and 8-curves for a paint booth if I should build one

I think a computer driven milling machine-- heavy as well cost around 100 bucks heavy as ****
if it works it could be quite valuable== assorted bikes and frames and low and behold at another yard I got four 20 foot long garage sectioned door pieces destiny??? thank you god

well had my wife help me no zumba today honey ---I have some exercise in mind for you---wrestle the pallet rack shelving into the building along with 10 additional horizontals that the magnet man at the first yard was nice enough to separate from the giant steel pile just like a doctor precision when you see it you better grab it for if you return odds are it will not be there

and after unloading the gmc and getting the pallet rack inside which will need a haircut ceiling is 11-12,5 feet pallet verticals are 15 feet the excess will make great work tables anyway cruising home saw a beat blue toyota pu. loaded with good stuff so after a brief stop with sebastion who is into to mini bikes brought home another briggs slant head engine a firmstrong complete but needing tubes and guess what a surprise I thought just another Schwinn oc but when I got home and looked closer it's a a nirve I do not know what model but a pleasant surprise all for 50 bucks

moving and grooving .....

ride safe and let your mind soar

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