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Default Re: Have you ever ridden your MB in the snow just for fun?

That is the ghettoest bike I have seen in awhile. Be careful out there.

I had a Currie electric setup on a 700c wheeled mtn. bike in the mtns. of CO. in 2001. I did a fair amount of riding that rig on snowmobile trails and groomed xc tracks that were frozen enough that I didn't sink in more than an inch. The battery never lasted long enough for the kind of fun I had it always seemed.

I have never ridden a motorized bicycle yet on snow but the bikes I have seen out the last few days seem to be getting good enough traction. Last night when I was out shoveling my driveway I heard a god awful screeching and awhile later a guy on a pedal bike turned down the steep hill in front of my house, squealing like a stuck hog all the way, but he never got off his bike nor seem to skid. And a guy I met along the way while skiing today was doing well also. I guess I'll have to risk it tomorrow as it is supposed to be a nice day. Better rig up the video for it. Studded tires would be nice though...if you google up studded bicycle tires you will find several manufacturers make them. Nokian and Schwalbe for example. They are expensive but one set will last about a bikes lifetime with proper care. Plus you only run them a small percentage of the year too.

Not sure about that baling wire trick. Might want to install some Mr. Tuffy tire liners so that you don't get a mess of flats. Could be tricky with rim brakes also, but they don't work well in the snow anyway, a coaster is better, or discs. Have fun with that.

I know it can be done though, but will anyone try to do the Iditarod Trail on one ever? Race History Mike is a friend of mine and his current winter bike carries white gas in all the tubing. Hmmmm. I'll have to dig up some photos of it to share here. It is not motorized but sure could be. More hmmmmmm.

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