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Default Re: Too much fuel, not enough air.

Originally Posted by Targan View Post
My carb appears to be in perfect condition. It's pretty much brand new too :/
If it is a fuel issue you're having then its a carb issue plain and simple, nothing else controls fuel supply or lack of to the engine, either you have adjustment issues or you have a bad part issue such as float, needle & seat not sealing properly.

I can really screw up the inside of a carb and it still look as though it is in excellent condition, looks can be deceiving so don't think that just because something looks good that it is, you have to understand what the problem is and how the carb can be the reason and why it will cause the problem if there is a malfunction or a defect.

If you can afford to spend $12 bucks go to BGF or LEB on ebay or even go Thatsdax site page 2 in his parts list is a new NT for $15.99, get a new carb, stick it on and see what happens, Huffy D mentioned this and I would say at this point that would be a good idea.

best wishes

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