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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Huffydavidson View Post
I figured out how to improve the Jag Clone, I'm work on it to incorporates two coils.
Next will be the twin spark plugs head from Fred . Advance the timing curve to Rev even Higher . By extending the time curve, it will also extend the powerband pull .
Just imagine a the Ultimate Tunable High Performance CDI With a HD Twin Fire Coil.
35,000 volts traveling threw (Blue of course) MSD Racing Wires, to the NGK Racing Plugs


Snuggled into RCMachine's 5.3cc Twin Sparkplug Head.
Im listening

Is the an applicable mod for an actual jag? I caved and bought the Jag CDI but i dont have the top end anymore, even without both jumpers for the long timing curve
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