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Default Re: New Build Cool Stuff

Originally Posted by ebmvegan View Post
I kind of like the big bushings. You may as well start designing exhausts to get the complete look you are heading to. Also if you enlarge the top fins on the motor, you'll be able to get a larger motor look that would match the mounts. All of your upgrade could then match up a board track bike motor look. I'm just jealous cause I'm stuck with the standard look. I like the beefier look but that's just me.
You read my mind!!! The tuned exhaust that's going on this one will be all custom formed. It's a project that will start tomorrow. It's going to get a new cylinder head as well.

I really wish they, (GT), had not discontinued this bike...I didn't know it when I bought it. I was going to use this as a base model to offer completed bikes here in the Tampa bay area. There are a lot of people who would really enjoy these that don't have the tools and know-how...well built ready-to-go bikes, would give them the opportunity of ownership/fun without the hassles.

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