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hi racie

realized the used ipad my wife was recently given can do pictures and send if she knows how

unfortunately neil did not have a chance to take pictures

mike826 was going to meet me at the adams bldg. at 1 this afternoon and I am sure he could have taken some pictures some way phone camera???but he had to cancel because his wife was expecting an important package which he was waiting for and it did not arrive at 1 sooo I will get some pictures taken before leaving for some travels in one week and get them posted some way or other I wish the frames were further along but I know many peoples are eager to see what I have done -good or bad -so I will get something posted even if it is premature and get some feedback....

I have to mention as well I went around the corner to speak to my neighbor at adams blvd regarding my old garage at the rear of the property that is decaying and collapsing in that I will probably demo and build some cinder block something!!!and when I hailed him from his front street gate the guy approaching was not the one I had spoken to over two years ago when I asked when he had bought the house he said over 3 years ago and then I mentioned "but I had spoken to"the owner" and it was not he -- he said no that it was aj who lives in a smaller house on the fairly big lot
anyway we got to talking and then heard an motorized bicycle approaching I said excuse me I wanted to see who it was I am into motorized bicycles he mentioned he had two - the rider was d3 a good riding buddy-- well great coincidence --after d3 spun out on one of his felts fred invited me in and we discovered that we share so many similar interests ect.
the neighborhood is returning to its hayday years of the 20's--- it was the Beverly Hills
nyc broadway of its day and I am sure in 3 years will rival abbot kinney venice beach for cool!!!!!! I fear maybe tooo cool!!!!!
well a new creative friend and more to come I am sure...

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