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thanks mike--- let's see what can happen!!!!!

the gmc sure earned her gas today hauled 1500 llbs of pallet rack from downtown to adams blvd.. when the fork lift loaded it in the bed and the hydraulic loft gate the front wheels almost lifted off the ground

paid more than I like 40 cents per lbs. but with no time to wait and hunt further it was well cheaper than the cheapest possible bid of 1100 for wood framing etc>for labor and materials cost in wood joinery anchor bolts etc more than 1600 bucks!!!! $2700 total not including the unforseen???? to do the same thing and with pallet rack you have a commodity with used torn out wood what is the market resale value ?????
pallet rack is the way to go if you can source it for the right price
I like 20-25 cents a pound!!!!
tomorrow it goes in the space and up!!!! then to get all my other sh... over there and appease my most tolerant wife!!!!

more to follow --photos well we will see ????? not much time to put forks, bars, wheels etc on the frames for their honeymoon pictures so time will tell!!!

ride safe

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