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Default Re: Broken motor mount bolt

I couldn't find this post

Thank you fellas. Franklin had the gift of words, did he not? And, you caught me! I was DD one night, and the waitress kept feeding me these. I've found it easy to switch occasionally, and I must admit I work longer hours. (But it does cost too much.) Still, please don't tell the Guinness people, I do have a reputation
The True Value next door has a fine selection of fasteners, but only two reverse threaded bits- I bought the third one.

The tool in picture four? I Seriously, I do know it is a tap (the drill bit part), and the handle may be called just that, handle. This was my first time doing this, but I've seen it done somewhere I'm pretty sure.
I believe that if you were careful, you could tap out your motor mount to something other than metric. It is delicate work for a first timer, and I highly recommend that you approach it methodically. Good luck!
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