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Default Re: From whom to get a 4 stroke?

Originally Posted by ebmvegan View Post
ocscully, Thank's for the info.

I've heard that the gear box can get very loud. Is there a sollution?
The original Grubee gearbox was reported to be very loud, and there was what could be called a recall on these gearboxs. The replacements were said to be an improvement. The latest Type III is supposed to be even better although it appears to be the same except for better sealing and increased # of bolts holding the two halfs together. Alternatives: ? Sure there are alternatives but they would all add quite a bit of expense. You could use a Staton-Inc inside drive gearbox, but it is larger and goes for $350.00+- including a clutch and the adapter necessary to fit the gearbox to the Honda motor, but the quality is far superior to anything offered by Grubee. You could also look into the Comet CVT variable pully system but I believe they are limited in how much reduction they offer. Then there is the total custom drive train using a jackshaft using chain or belts?

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