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Default Re: NGK BP6HS-10 Spark Plug

Originally Posted by brightondale View Post
Actually, I'm sure -10 is definitely NOT a marine designation as the plug came in a NOS Honda Motorsports box.

As for my 16:1 mixture, this isn't my first rodeo as I know what the break in period is and this is my third HT. The installation instructions that came with the motor and most I've talked to suggest a 16:1 break in mix. 32:1 mix is insane for break in. Fine afterwards, but you were aware the engine is new. You know, I missed the part where I said there was a problem. The plug fixed the problem caused by the temporary heavy mixture, which is what I was trying to convey in this thread.

"Don't worry too much about how it runs until it gets some miles under its belt."

If you suggest that being ok with a 90% 4 stroking rate for the entire break in, I'd love to see the inside of your engine after 200 miles. The fact that I am now able to run the suggested 16:1 mix and reduce the 4 stroking rate to a 1% or almost non existent is something worth sharing and hopefully someone will simply appreciate the tip on the plug. You should really just try it.

Well, as Tom has mentioned you wont make many friends here being so abrasive with the " ain't my first Rodeo" comments, when you are speaking with people here that likely have 99%+ more experience with the HT china girl engines than you do, it has been a known fact for a long time just as baird has said that 16:1 is way to much oil for these engines to perform right, I'm glad that you have been able to make it run better on the 16:1 mix by changing the spark plug if that is the case, but I to can assure you that using that much oil is big time overkill and all you are doing is laying a massive layer of carbon on the piston, combustion chamber in the head and in your exhaust with that much oil in the mix.
I break my engines in with what I'm gonna run till the day the engine dies now, I tried the heavy oil fro break in and had my first major bearing failure in less than 100 miles.... since I run Opti2 at the mix recommendation and have not had another failure that was oil related in three years.

Just some food for thought here..... Go to Home depot and buy a new Echo weed wacker and use the reommended oil mix for break in and you'll never have a bit of trouble... oh by the way that mix will be 50:1..!

Go by a new Stihl chainsaw or other power equipment and break it in as recommended and you will have zero issues.... Oh and yep again, 50:1 is what you will start it on and run it there for it's life unless you do like me and switch all 2 smoker over to Opti2 and then you can use half that much oil.

Now.... Glad to hear your having good luck with what you are doing and hope that engine will last for thousands of miles for ya, but if you want to get people sour to you in a heart beat here all you have to do is keep throwing the abrasive comments and no one will be willing to help or discus issue with you and sooner or later you will have them like the rest of us have, most of us always try to be friendly here but when someone is straight up disrespectful to the ones who are just trying to help you some will buck up and put a black mark by your avatar.

One last comment that may be out of line a bit but I just gotta say it here, as to the first Rodeo statement, I see you are in Michigan and I dont know how many actual Rodeos ya'll have there but being a born and bread Texas country fella my entire life I'm gonna say I probably know way more about Rodeos than you my friend....LOL!

Cheery O........ Peace and happy safe riding.

I dont always ride WOT throttle, but when I do....
I do my best to keep the rubber side down...
Ride safely my friends!

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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