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Default Re: Me and my bee

I know it's been a while but after being uninterested in motor bicycling for a while and getting rid of my cruiser because we moved, I fired up the bee again. This time on an old folding bike. I got the cable lift for it and sawed off that flaptraption that was originally on it.
I forgot how fun that engine was.
The bumble bee has a lot of haters....well haters gonna hate because I'm loving this crazy little engine again.
I would assume a Dax or staton would be better and if I ever get the money I may look into getting one (or a GEBE.... I want one of those big time)
I'm in an urban area with lots of starts and stops and no long open road opportunities. I doubt the performance of this 28cc weed wacker would be sufficient in that situation but it works great for me.

Btw: I have been accused of working for them or selling them. I don't
I have a need for slightly increased speed

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