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Default Re: 4-stroke & jackshaft in a stock 50's straight-bar Panther frame???

Originally Posted by chainmaker View Post
Like Scotto said the 200 won't fit without frame mods. I've tried to put half a dozen different size larger motors in Panthers and for clearance here are the largest I could fit HF79 , china 66, whizzer h ( that looks the best and period looking plus they are selling repops on eBay) Briggs 3hp will fits as well.
A wealth of good info there, thanks Chainmaker. I got all happy when you said the HF engines will work (I've heard that a 79cc & [now defunct] 99cc are interchangeable), and then I realized that they sit backwards on the frame, and the clutch on the 66cc china won't clear the shift kit - bummer, but now I know what fits between the rails. Since the SBP jackshaft kit calls for the HS/Honda engines anyhow, I guess I'll just go that route first, and then tweak the engine options once everything is in place. I'd love to do a whizzer, but ideally, I'm trying to only have one drive chain (or belt) so that'll require some ingenuity if I decide to go that route. A B&S sounds nice (I think I read where you started to use a Kawasaki-type - vintage 70's-era[?]), and I'll do some more research on that to see what options I have there. Scotto, the pic you posted of that Panther is very helpful, thank you! Now I know where the engine sits in the frame, which is very close to where the kit would have it. It looks like I've got a shot at getting it to "barely fit" with the jackshaft kit, so I'm starting to feel a little more relieved that I haven't spent good money on a bad idea. Thanks for the replies everyone! Kk

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