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Wink Re: 4-stroke & jackshaft in a stock 50's straight-bar Panther frame???

Originally Posted by KnockKnock View Post
The SBP kit already comes with a motor mount and a wide 3-piece crank. The SBP motor mount is the main component in question there ...will it sit low enough to clear the upper bar, but high enough to clear the sprocket(s).

As for the front, I plan on using an original styled re-pro springer and for wheels, likely some S-2's with a drum brake front & 5-7 speed internal rear hub (heard good things about Nexus, but I'm still wide open to options when it comes to number of speeds and/or brand). Whitewalls seem to get grime on them too quickly on a motorbike, but I sure do like the look.

KCvale's Big Red is such a beautiful bike, and was a major muse to what inspired me. I'll be turning up the volume a little bit with some ape-hangers, and chrome dress, and to keep it my own, I have some unique ideas in mind for the build.

I just recently (like this evening) got schooled in the motorbike laws of Texas, so I'm reconsidering engines. I like the OHV slant-cylinder Honda's, and it might even provide better clearance, but I'll have to see what I can see. Honda's 200cc would be cool, but I have no idea if it'll fit, and I'm all ears when it comes to suggestions there too. <--- Yes, Thank you, I'm a Super-Noob
I can tell you that a Honda GX200 will not fit in that frame without some serious modifications to the frame.....and even then. A Honda GXH50 barely fits in that frame without a shift kit.....hope that helps.

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