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Default Re: NGK BP6HS-10 Spark Plug

Actually, I'm sure -10 is definitely NOT a marine designation as the plug came in a NOS Honda Motorsports box.

As for my 16:1 mixture, this isn't my first rodeo as I know what the break in period is and this is my third HT. The installation instructions that came with the motor and most I've talked to suggest a 16:1 break in mix. 32:1 mix is insane for break in. Fine afterwards, but you were aware the engine is new. You know, I missed the part where I said there was a problem. The plug fixed the problem caused by the temporary heavy mixture, which is what I was trying to convey in this thread.

"Don't worry too much about how it runs until it gets some miles under its belt."

If you suggest that being ok with a 90% 4 stroking rate for the entire break in, I'd love to see the inside of your engine after 200 miles. The fact that I am now able to run the suggested 16:1 mix and reduce the 4 stroking rate to a 1% or almost non existent is something worth sharing and hopefully someone will simply appreciate the tip on the plug. You should really just try it.
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