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Default Re: Newbie with Panther Q's

Originally Posted by chainmaker View Post
I've built a few panthers, a jackshaft set up would work. Why don't you want to weld the frame? Once you pop a motor on it it's going to ne devalued anyways unless you do a period correct motor say a whizzer . I think a HS with a jackshaft would look odd on a panther, I haven't seen one so I could be wrong.


and my stalled project

Norm from Venice would be the guy to check with on the fit, he has done a bunch of Panthers
Thanks for the pics! Agreed, that the look of the HS is not aesthetically perfect, but the reliability, and availability of parts make it a good choice.

I've sent Norm an e-mail, and hopefully I'll hear back from him with the last word before I offer up a serious piece of my pie for a Panther frame.

I'm trying to avoid cutting/welding on the frame because of a general guideline: If it's older than I am, then I really just see myself as a care-taker of the estate for the next generation, and I'll do my best to pass it on in the same condition that I found it. That doesn't mean that I can't appreciate the different flavors of the individual, but if another 65 years from now the only Panther frame left in the world is mine, then I'd like for somebody to be able to restore it to former glory. Just my 2. Kk
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