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Default Hello from SEPA!

Hey all, I'm matt. I've been a member on the forum for a bit, just haven't really gotten a chance to post and get involved.

I've had my motorized bike for about a year and a half now, done nearly a thousand miles and shes presently in the process of a light rebuild.

Its a grubee based 66cc HT motor on a steel frame huffy.

Still on my original bottom end, but I am presently replacing the cylinder body, cleaning and re-ringing the piston, and using a new upper wrist pin bearing.

I have maxed out at 43.62mph GPS verified on a 36t sprocket.

I am planning a fully rebuilt motor as we speak, I have a few crankshafts at a machine shop being trued and balanced. Will be utilizing a performance modified piston, Japanese bearings for the crank and clutch as well as italian bearing for the upper piston rod. I've also sourced rubber clutch pads and will be doing some light cuts on the clutch flywheel similar to a slotted brake rotor to help dissipate heat and increase friction.

Anyways, just wanted to say hello and give a brief idea as to what I'm up to. I'll likely post a thread in the appropriate section with all my build progress, successes and failures.


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