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selling is not important to me atleast at the moment if ever?????

all that I am learning is what is important now and perfecting that which is being created

alignment like with guitar necks- fretting -neck to body joinery is eyeball- straight edge- and string line
all well within tolerances-- two persons working in concert when welding tack check weld check weld to finish

I would welcome your participation in that which I am having so much fun doing
the burns, scrapes and boobooos don't impede my progress

I cleared a few tenants from some of my space at the building at adams and la brea which blake84 had coincidently photographed his turquoise pickup up against the graffiti mural on the side of my building so there is a shop space in which to work and a back yard area as well!!!! assorted power tools on hand !!!any one care to do something?????

let your mind soar

maybe I should boot them all out- they are behind in some rent--
and create a fab school there--- or a co-op work space or clubhouse or ???!!!!

3000 square foot high ceilinged building with a private alley and 4500 square foot rear yard

what do you think jeff ??? before I allow one tenant to build in a living space for himself he is about to begin his construction but I could stop him in the next day or three!!!!!

time is of the essences any responses quick!!!!!! 720 220 2775

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