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bairdco I do not know how to post --computer illiterate

neill had promised to photograph last weekend at willow-- that which I had brought --
six original frames and one pedalable cruise/ suspension rear which i pedaled alittle and people enjoyed but when I asked him about taking the photos he said he was too busy soo?????
all in good time I guess????

chopped another 6 bmx and a few girls bikes late this afternoon before my neighbors got their diner on the table - harvesting for parts

now to redesign with assorted metal finds and get welding then sandblast and paint -- clear maybe --after sandblast they look so twinkly--- like sugar rock candy --what I can--
like the last batch of 14 originals and 4 stock bikes blasted 2 days before willow painted 9 Friday 1 day before willow checked the fire engine red marine paint today and they have dried hard fortunately-- I was worried maybe marine paint stayed soft for being in the ocean water but all a-okay

then to figure out what of all the engines I have accumulated best suits which one-- want to help???

I am happy to spread the frames around with various parts, wheels bars, pedal assemblies complete and see what others do with them????!!! I can only do so much!!!! one person one life!!!!

like with my guitars over 20 maestros involved --over 160 original mostly classical guitars and other stringed instrument family instruments completed-- harp guitars as well-
made guitar history
manufacturers like dean and takamine and Kenny Hill , Alejandro Cervantes and Taylor copy what I did in the early 2000's

google delmundo guitar(S)

your caddy is one mean mother by the way-- black and styling

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