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Default Newbie with Panther Q's

Hello everyone. Love your board here; I've been prowling it for hours-on-end already, and really appreciate the wealth of know-how in this place.

Now why I joined, & why I'll likely stay: I am inches away from pulling the trigger on a 50's Panther frame, but I have a couple of questions that I'm sure any Schwinn-dummy would know, but I don't. I've yet to see or hear about a jackshaft kit on a 4-stroke Panther-framed bike. So my Question: Can you attach a jackshaft kit (say, from SBP) to a 4-stroke HS, and have room for it to fit within the stock Panther/Hornet frame (I don't want to cut/weld [damage] a 65+yr old frame, ya know). I have a master-plan to build my perfect cruiser, but I need to know if it's feasible before dropping the loot.

Any input is appreciated, and if pics are worth 1000 words, from me they would all be "Thank-you!"

:cheers: Kk
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