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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Purchased a new plug wire from Sick Bikes and installed it today, (quick shipping btw) super easy to do. Used a metal dental pick I have for gun cleaning and pushed it in around the wire where the glue was, twisted it out (Very Important to twist it out and not yank it out) and put the new one in. I figured because it was glued in it would take awhile but I was done with the whole procedure in about 3 minutes.

Took the bike for a spin and it started easier, has better low end torque, four stroking almost gone, gained 2 mph on the top end. Amazing what a 6 dollar part can do lol. I think the wire will actually give me more top end after all is said and done because Im thinking I have an air leak I need to check for. I can hear the motor react differently now that its firing better.

Pic of the CDI minus the wire.

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