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Talking Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by PaPa_FoZzY View Post
It took me quite a few months to get this bike put together, due to various things, I didn't just want to slap on an engine kit and call it a mobike. I wanted to do something awesome like a custom built 12 volt lighting assem. complete with brake lights and turn signals. Got everything done and got it running, Took it for a short ride. having some issues dialing in the idol. I forgot to set me brakes too, so I had to flintstone it when I came to a stop on her 1 mile maiden voyage. GOT to do something about the exhaust, I cut it a couple months back to lengthen it to the rear wheel and just haven't bent the little piece and welded it back, it's so freakin loud. all in all she rode good! Those little china engines aren't that bad they just ain't a Briggs...


I SET MY motobike on fire! Was trying to set the idol, used my lighter to see the adjust screw. Didn't know there was a leake from a crack in the fuel filter... FRWOOSH! flames covered the gas line, carb and parts of the engine itself. I just knew that it was going to explode in my face if the flames got to the tank. I was blowing and slaping as hard as I could trying to get the flames out, Finally got it put out no injuries to myself or the bike, though my heart was beating so hard I thought I was going to pass out lol

Lesson learned? Don't work on anything gas powered in the dark without a flashlight

Wow. Just wow. Post a pic of yourself with no eyebrows!
Bet the mods will make it a sticky!
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