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Originally Posted by Technocyclist View Post

I have a shifter kit. It is a very good product. However, you might need to change your bottom brackets. It requires 127mm or longer bottom brackets. You might also find some difficulty in aligning the chain lines. Also, be careful not to loose the key locks, it can slip out if you don't locktite it. I lost one of mine. You also need to paint it, so roughen the surfaces first, use a primer then paint it over with the final finishing paint. Use a heavy duty BMX chain.
You should also have an adequate space between your rear wheel and your seatpost, or install a smaller rear wheel if you have disc brakes.
Thanks for the great comments. I can follow up on the above.

Indeed - you should be aware of what style BB (bottom bracket) your bike has. The kit is designed for a standard three piece BB, but will work with most any BB with the correct adaptation. We sell two styles of adapters for one piece, so that's no problem. Technocyclist's bike had a sealed cartridge style, hence his mention of needing a 127mm replacement.

The chain alignment is critical, but not difficult. We definitely recommend Loctite and filing flats on the jackshaft.

The new HD plates all come powder coated with primer now. HD chain is fine, but as long as your current chain is in good shape it will do OK. Spacing and other details are here: Requirements
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