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Default Re: Toasted a wheel bearing on my Cranbrook.

The Shimano CB-110 seems like a good hub, but the wheel master rear wheels I had used Chinese hubs of the same diameter. I'm no great expert either, but am always on the edge financially... yet have these great ambitions that are so poorly funded. It sure would be nice to just order the best of everything my heart desires. On the other hand there's a great satisfaction in making do, finding ways around a problem with things you already have and re-purposing things. And when you can find things free at the dump or find a good buy it helps. And come to think of it if you can make a Chinese made bike serve your needs, more power to you.

I have also had Wheelmaster hubs hold up OK. Following Map's suggestions will be a good start and half expecting there to be a problem will make you keep an eye on your hub... looking for a bit of wobble that wasn't there before and attending to it. That alone will probably keep you out of trouble. One of mine that failed was also being subjected to extra stress in that the bike had a sidecar with a fixed mount to the bike frame... so it didn't allow the bike to lean into turns. That puts a lot of lateral stress on the wheel. The final answer for me was to build the wheel with 11 gauge spokes, a Bendix hub and an older Scwhinn rim. So far so good. Also consider that I am not a small fellow at 225 pounds. For the money the Wheelmaster heavy duty wheels are a bargain. The chrome doesn't hold up to Minnesota weather very well, but in a drier climate should be OK and they do take paint pretty well.

I have not found a cheap source of stout spokes. When I build a wheel, that's the expensive part. I found mine at Husky Bikes on line. Take care you guys.
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