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Default scratchbuilt indian head badge

Hi guys, just want to share something I've been working on. Since I'm into building me a btr indian, decided that I needed a headbadge. Since finding an indian headbadge here in philippines is almost impossible, fabricating one is my only option. So I started with these materials:

-sharp cutter / x-acto knife
-1/8 inch Sintra board
-stove / tobbacco lighter

So I started by drawing out the headbadge logo on a piece of card. Freehanding it like a boss lol

Cut out the design and treat it like a stencil cutout. Transfer the cutout 'stencil' to your sintra board

After transfering the design to your sintra board, take out you X-acto knfe / cutter and heat up the blade nice until red hot then slice out the designs to cut small details. It will slice through the sintra board like butter. After cutting the design it should look like this:

A bit of sanding and will smooth out the edges. Will apply heat again to curve the badge to the head tube then paint it. Will update you guys asap once I painted my badge. any comment or suggestion is welcome. Let me know what you guys think. Happy motorbicyling!
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