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Default Re: sand and sideways

A sandy environment can be tough on machinery of any kind. However I get the feeling that you're not planning on making this beach trip every day for extended periods so I wouldn't worry too much about damage to the chains or wheel bearings. I'd be more concerned with salt than sand.
Rinse the bike off with fresh water after your beach rides and you should be fine.
As for transporting, just drain the tank and carburetor if you're concerned about leaks in your car and carry your fuel in an approved container.

I also concur with the other warnings that starting the engine in sand might be a challenge. It would depend on your gear ratio and compression. You might need to pedal a little faster than on a hard surface before engaging the clutch and also slipping the clutch a little might help.
Good luck and take some photos to share with us of your sea-side rides.

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