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Default Re: is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

Originally Posted by dodge dude94 View Post
I think this is partially true, especially for our area. Granted, this is coming from the guy that drives a 37 year old truck in 110* heat for the he1l of it.

I know I haven't worked on my hubs because of the heat. Worked on my old Dodge instead.

Gotta get 'em fixed up that way I can ride both bikes come fall.
Yeah, it's no fun working in the heat.
I had to replace the brakes on my wife's '82 F-100 the other day. I got dehydrated pretty bad after a few hours out there.
I've put my other projects on hold until the weather gets better (or until I get some more money for parts).

I don't drive my car every day, so it can wait on the pan gaskets. So what if it leaks a little?

I have been trying to get 2 of my motorcycles going though. They'll be more fun to ride in the fall too.
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