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Default New to the motor bicycle world!

Hey guys just got a Chinese made motor for my beach cruiser. What a project this bike turned out to be. Im very familiar with cars (especially the BMW E30) but never got my hands on small engines or bicycles for that matter. It took me a total f about 8hours to complete the bike because of all the problems i ran into and i went into this project completely blind with general knowledge on how every motor is supposed to work.. Mind you, that i dont have any type of bicycle tools what so ever. First thing was putting the wheel hub assembly together followed by the sprocket the kit came with. Then shortening the chain which was a pain since i had to use a dremel to remove a few links. After, I Hooked up the clutch, throttle, and mounted the motor to the frame. I've never worked with such a small carb before so that was a bit of a challenge figuring out how that went together. Finally everything was assembled and the last piece was the exhaust pipe.....doesn't clear the pedal!!?! So i brought out the torch and vice and bent that sucker into the right position. Everything's assembled wires in the proper position an everything zip tied neatly. I figured i would take it out or a spin and came to realize the wheel was locked up with the clutch engaged AND disengaged.. So dam frustrating ill tell you what.. Finally dug into the gear box and noticed that the clutch plate was WAY too tight against the pads Readjusted everything and everything is finally smooth sailing!! Im in love with this bike already called out sick to work and cruised around san mateo all day today. Anyways i thought I'd share my story with all of you! Ill definitely be referring to this forum for any advice i need! Ill post pics of my bike in a little bit
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