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Default Re: is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

there a few people on this site from Michigan, but where i live (Shelby township) i not seen another motorized bicycle rider only one i seen over last 2 years ago in royal oak (15 miles away) and that started me on the path to get one of these motorized bicycle i said i want one of them they look good ,love the fresh air and wind in my hair/face etc when riding mainly to my veggie plot 3 miles away and shop et cetc,,it takes me back a bit (i from England) to the mod, scooter, days of the late 70s/80s in England on my vespa and parkers i wore at the time ,nice coasting along at 20-25mph on my motorized bicycle no care in the world not rushing about like everyone else ,pity it will come to a end soon when the cold weather sets in and i become a hermit for 4 months as i hate cold Michigan weather heheh .

i was in my veggie plot this morning and about 20 bikes came pass i giggled to myself and said to myself wow 10 mins before was riding the same rd if they had come then i was on the rd they would have passed me , i wondered what they would have done said heheh .

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