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Default Re: is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

Originally Posted by 1kbike View Post
Motorcycles were always preached against when I was kid growing up so I was scared to death of them for the longest time.
Me too, like a casket on wheels, a hamburger machine.
The first bike I ever owned was a 250 Enduro and I loved that thing. I liked I suppose because if you didn't have a Harley, you were a loner and that's pretty much how I am now. I've always been a loner.
My brother moved a 0.5 hour drive away, it's been a lonely summer, only hung out once in the past few months. I have no desire for friends outside my bro.
The good thing is that I do like to spend a lot of my time alone.

But even loners get lonely.
I love my Motor Bicycle, I love Beer, I'll try not to like them both at once.
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