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Default Need some help with upgrading my bike!

Hey guys,

I finally installed a nice set of front brakes on my bike and I'm so damned excited to ride it again. I replaced my old cantilever brakes that didn't even really work (I'd rather spend 10 bucks on V brakes, than tune those stupid things).

Only thing holding me back from using this thing right now is the fact that my throttle cable snapped. I rigged it up to my rear brake lever for a while but that was before i replaced my front brake, and it is really scary only having a half-functional front brake to stop.

So here is my TODO list... but I need some help from the experts.

1. Remove that stupid brass cap covering my air/fuel mixture screw on my CNS carb without a dremel or a drill. Any suggestions? I don't really have any power tools at my disposal.

2. Get a 34-tooth drive sprocket, before I was hesitant to buy a gear upgrade, but with new brakes I'm not afraid anymore ahha. I weigh about 160lbs, will i still be able to get the bike moving without pedaling like I can with my 46-toother? I can seriously push off from the ground, no pedals, give it some gas and slowly let out the clutch to start hauling ass.

3. Get a small dirt bike gas tank. Anyone ever done this? It should fit right? I was asking one my friends who is a biker and he said he was thinking I could probably throw on a real motorcycle tank onto my bike. I don't like the aesthetics of the stock tank, and I want a bigger one in all honesty.

4. Install my new performance throttle! This one I don't need help with, it's a piece of cake!

5. Get an expansion chamber and louder bigger exhaust. Any suggestions of what to buy and where? I live in Ontario, Canada by the way.

Here is a picture of some work I did on it today, in my kitchen. Man it reeks of gas in here. Spent a bunch of money on accessories and cables, and crap that I've been meaning to get.

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