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Default younggun85's formal intro

Just thought I would post here since I jumped right into the whizzer thread without introducing myself here first.
I have been collecting vintage Schwinns since 1998 and have accumulated about 30-35 bicycles. Most are still under construction, but what I do have that's rideable are: 1965 Deluxe Racer 3sp,1965 Stingray, 1987 Predator, 2001 20" cruiserSS, and a2007 BFK stingray. My projects in the making are: 1969 Pea Picker, 1958 Streamliner, 1958 Starlet. Some others I have that are awaiting restoration are a Baloon tire: 1940's 20" Columbia built Cadillac, 1950 men's hornet, 1951 women's hornet, 1952 Black Phantom, Middleweight: 1953 men's and woman's Spitfire, 1960 24" Speedster, 1964 Typhoon, 1964 Hollywood, Lightweight: 1964 Continental, 1969 Breeze, 1969 Collegiate, 1970 Speedster, 1973 Varsity, 1973 women's Suburban. BMX: 1983 Scrambler, 1998 Robinson SST, 1998 Hydramatic, 1999 Pro Stock 3. Lastly: 1962 Town and Country tandem and my wife rides a 1979 women's collegiate 3 sp.
My motorbike project is a 1951 Schwinn canti-frame with a 2008 Whizzer WSE engine.
I live in Minnesota about 1 hour north of Minneapolis. I have three sons and a wife. When I'm not working on bicycles I am at home taking care of my kids or fixing up the cars or the house or out checking out swap meets, and sales and selling on ebay. I also like to collect coins and do carpentry.
I am also on the Schwinn Bike Forum, The CABE and Vintage Bmx.
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