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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Huffydavidson View Post
Ok dude, heres what I did . Been two months no leaks. Along with SBP chamber I run the JNM X-PORT so this means I need two exhaust gaskets . I made them out of a license plate . Installed high temperature RTV with copper. On the intake just a VERY THIN LAYER OF RTV. Also RTV and no base gasket. To raise the compression a smidge that way . The headgasket is a thiny .016 more compression .
Did you find a torque difference in using the JNM X-Port? Basically I'm looking at upgrading my PistonHawk here and there and I'm curious about real world results. I've read that some expansion chamber pipes can free up as much as .5 horsepower. I'm also considering the CR Machine head or even the CR machine piston, cylinder, head combo.

Thoughts and thanks in advance.

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