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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Just spent the last couple of hours going over the bike. Found an issue that will further fan the flames of the Huffy Haters......the original spring seat had just about come apart at the springs. The top spring nuts had almost totally unscrewed themselves and the seat clamp wasn't all the way on the post. These were things that I honestly hadn't checked during my experience with the bike (I've owned the bike itself for a couple of years). I was probably one major jolt from a catastrophic event. This is something that I will certainly keep an eye on in the future.

Also, I finally got a partial shipment from JNM. Come to find out, I guess there are different sizes of exhaust gaskets.......the ones sent didn't have the stud holes spaced out far enough to fit on the studs. Had to knip out the end of one of the holes to make it work temporarily. Who knew......or was the gasket a fubar?

On a good note, the spark plug was the exact color that it was supposed to be. I could still see the lathe rings on the top of the light gray piston. The piston skirt looked very good from the open exhaust port --- and had a slight oily film on it.

The engine chain sprocket still looked great with no abnormal wear.

The Turbobuick1 chain tensioner required no attention --- great purchase on this one!

The rear hub was still tight with no slack. Guess that I got it right on the last adjustment I did a couple of months ago! The tires still had 50lbs of pressure. The Slime seems to slow the air leaks.

I know that some people get irritated that they have to do maintenance on their machines. I'm kinda the opposite ---- I enjoy piddling in my garage on a project that gives me great satisfaction.
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