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Default Re: Motorized Bike Installation Video!

Originally Posted by Turbo View Post
Which 2 stroke engine kit is the best in the market? Who sells it?
The one that is the best is the one that you get lucky enough to find that has a fairly true crank and the bearing are good and will last a good while if the bike build is done right and the engine is tuned properly and a high quality 2 stroke oil is used so that the engine will be well lubricated and run as cool as possible.

Bottom line is that you can probably get a really good engine from several vendors and at the same time you could get a dud from the same vendor, it has been said probably hundreds of times on this forum that they are all pretty much a crap shoot, some do seem to have better luck than others, but they're still like a box of chocolates, you never know for sure what you're gonna get.

Now, if you buy a kit and before mounting the engine you pull the head, pull off the cylinder/jug, flush out the lower end/case good to make sure there isn't any grime down in there to harm the bearing or to get pushed up on top of the piston and while you're at it you debur the ports so they will flow better and go ahead and replace the potential to fail upper wrist pin bearing, you are much more less likely to have a major failure, this is not always necessary, some engines work great and last right out of the box, but I have not seen any of them yet that couldn't benefit from having a couple extras done to them.

Spend some time seraching you questions out here on the forum and read read read, good vendors here and good vendors elsewhere also.

Best wishes on whatever you decide.
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