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Default Re: Butterscootch Blunder - Don't buy Huffy

1000 miles on my Huffy Karaoke bike, stock everything as far as the wheels and hub goes, I will put my harsh rough riding conditions up against just about anyone here, this bike has been beat and bruised without a single failure, the hubs and bearing have been great in mine, I pulled mine down the day I got it and put good quality grease in the wheel and hub bearings and the cranks as well, I don't have fenders on mine because after trying to run the rear fender it did break at the mounts, I say to each there own and I will never argue that the Huffy Frame is better than an older American made frame because they aint nearly as good, but to say they are complete junk and that they cant be made into a nice reliable motorized bike is just flat out wrong, many people have done it and the Huffy bikes dont scare me one bit.

If you just grab one off the rack stick a kit on it and take off you are likely to have some failure because they are not assembled very good sometime or probably most of the time, I haven't made a single adjustment of any kind on mine and wheel bearing and rear hub are just as tight and slack free as they were the day I put the bike together after doing proper maintenance on everything on the bike.

I think instead of trashing the Huffy bikes, the first time builder or some one with a small budget would be better served on this forum by being instructed in detail what they need to do to ANY of the cheaper bikes as far as packing bearings with high quality grease and making sure everything is adjusted properly than to be told they just bought a piece of crap that will not ever be worth having, I say its ok to tell someone that there are better options in some areas, and most will agree that the older American made frames are better, but several of us have proven that the Huffy bikes can be good builds and just as reliable as many of the high end bikes or the older ones and if my rear hub fails, I can get a new wheel master wheel with 12ga spokesand a Shimano CB110 hub for about $40 at my local bike shop and I still have a budget build with a really nice rear wheel and hub.

no offense meant toward anyone here in this post, I just know what I have done and several others like Huffy D and xseler, we have had good success because we did ours right and I try to share that helpful information with other Huffy owners instead of putting there choices down even though I also know there or overall better bike options out there that some people may not be able to swing or just don't have access to.

I'm actually gonna give my Huffy bike to my brother for his Birthday this year, he doesn't know that yet but that is my plan, engine runs great and cruises nice at 32mph, and it wont worry me one bit to have him ride the heck out of it because I know for a fact it will hold up.

Peace, Map
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