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Default Re: Butterscootch Blunder - Don't buy Huffy

I'm willing to bet that the cone locknuts were not tight enough and they came undone and just got destroyed! I had just built mine and was running it around. Bout third time firing it up I got it going and went up my hill, around 100 yards. AT top I pulled in clutch and started to pedal , and it felt weird, hard to pedal. turned off engine and tried to walk it, seized!!! Bout half inch side to side loose. Good thing that happened!!

Went back and re adjusted cones and got them TIGHT!!!!, the locknuts.
Alls good now!! But I shudder to think what would have happened if I kept running on that hub!!

When I post my video in Youtube I'll have it in there.

Ooh yeah, and I teardown and repack and readjust the hubs before I ever even ride the bike, without a motor!!! I use Duralube!

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