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Default Re: Quality Engines and Sound Questions

I bought a license plate sound deadener kit off of ebay from GT Products. It is same material as you get in kit. For like 4.99.
I put in the sound deadening in 2 layers on the clutch cover and the dynamo cover. I have a video that I made, but I haven't posted on Youtube yet.
That killed the sound really well.
I was thinking that if you bought some heavy dense wood, lignam vitae, cocobolo,
Ebony (lol) nice piece of that is expensive!! but would accent my black motor. Cut to
size and bolted outside the motor would make a excellent noise deadener.

Some people put a mouse pad on outside, but I don't like that because it would hold water.

Oh and with what I have done it definitely has quieted it down. Not much louder than a lawn trimmer edger thingy. Make sure you put some cut down
rubber inner tubes over your frame!! If you can, find old flat linotype lead and use that!! Lead is even better!!!

Some other guy on youtube puts bent pieces of tire between the fins to stop them rattling at higher rpms. This is good vid!!

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