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Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
"as long as it doesn't cost more than the bike and engine is worth, I'd just put a motorcycle engine in a bike before I'd throw $800+ at a modified china girl"
This says it all for me.
China girls are for fun, not racing.
These things are the cheapest motorized way to get around that I'm aware of. absolutely They are perfect for what they are designed to do.
They are not designed for power and speed. They are meant to tiddle around for years with no fuss. I think the main reason I have such good luck with these things is because I accept them for what they are and don't expect too much.
Yep, I like to do some mods to mine to get better reliability and better performance out of them, but I just wont spend hundreds on mine, I dont think there is a thing wrong with someone spending as much as they want on one if that is what they want to do..... I just want mine to run really good and be as reliable as they can be for what they are, my dax engine is already cruising me at 40+mph with a stock type head a home grown cheap loud as heck exhaust and a stock rejetted NT carb, I've got maybe just over$100 in this engine, it has well ported jug and high quality upper wrist pin bearing, gaskets I made myself and its on a bike that I paid $75 for, cant find a thing wrong with that set up......!

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