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Default Chrome and Aluminum sealer, what I use!

Well guess I'll let this go. What I use for my aluminum and chrome is
Tung oil!

Pure Tung Oil I get from the Milk Paint Company. It is usually
used on wood as a natural finish and sealer.

Best ratio is 40% oil to 60% odorless mineral spirits.

USE GLOVES!! It is a natural polymer kind of cure.

When it dries, if you have excess, as it dries, and it does
so quickly if you leave it in the sun, you will see whitish
streaks come up. Just hit it with more oil and wipe it harder.
As long as you get it before it sets. Once it sets forget it!!

Used it on my fender chrome, spokes, Aluminum stem, Handlebars
hubs. All my stuff looks new still. It will probably work as a rust sealer as
well. I treated all the tools in the shed, and a rusty old metal broom , and
even in the humidity down here in Florida, it never re rusted!! And it smells nice too. I would definetely wear gloves!!! When you see what it dries to, you don't want to absorb it lol!! Nevertheless they say it is non toxic!!

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