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Default Re: Too much fuel, not enough air.

The engine has about 300-400 miles on it already. I was running 32:1 when the bogging started. I thought it was a too much oil issue at first so I drained it then added a 40:1 mix. Nothing changed. I have done all the textbook inspections. Everything is clean, I get fuel (too much), spark, and air (not enough it seems). I moved the needle clip in the carb to the leanest setting (nothing changed), then to the richest setting (bike wouldn't even start), then back to the leanest. The bike origanally ran on the middle clip setting just fine for a week or 2 when I installed the NT carb. Any use of choke and the bike dies which tells me it's an air issue.

*Side note*
This same issue happened on my old CNS carb (never found out why. The CNS carb ran fine for 3 months straight). I changed it out for this new NT carb, it ran well for 2 weeks, then BLAM, bogging badly again.
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