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Hello I'm MehMan and well I don't own a is it MB? yet but I'm REALLY looking into it, but I'm unsure about Ohio laws and how motorized bicycle stand with them. So if anyone, ANYONE could give me a hand and tell me if I could put a motor on my bike and drive it that would be great. (I've read one thing some where and another thing some where else and my head hurts) so just a yes, no answer would be nice.

now for my motorized bicycle I'm going to be using my bike (not even a year old owned) which is a 10 speed as for my motor I found a 50cc 4 stroke motor online which looks really good. Now I'm added everything up and I'm looking at about $300-$340. (the motor is on sale cool huh? and free shipping) I have all my ducks in a row I just now need to know about how Ohio stands with MB's

also glad to be here!
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