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Default Re: thinking about a motorized bike for pedal assist

Welcome to the forum. First of all, you need a good sturdy steel frame where you can fit an engine. The size of the engine depends on how much you weigh and how much you plan to haul, also depends on the terrain you plan to tackle, and the weather in your area. Friction drives does'nt usually work well in wet conditions

With your requirements, it sounds like you want a very versatile motorized bicycle. And the shifter kit from SBP might just do that if you plan to get Happy Time engine, but you need some $$$ for the shifter kit and it's all worth it. Or you can get a 50 tooth sprocket with freewheel so it does not have rolling resistance from the engine. However, you will need a pull start for it and some wide cranks. If you plan to get a rack mount with centrifugal clutch, then always have some spare clutch springs handy. Rack mount is much simpler, but center of gravity is higher, so it might be less stable.
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