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Default Re: is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

come down to newport beach, tom. it's ridiculous out here.

i stopped at the local harley "store" to pick up a seal for my roommates bike and had to wait 45 minutes till the "parts guy" was done selling tshirts and bandannas to fat rich people.

our garage has a totally restored 1931 indian, a new-ish wide glide, a sporster for the 4' tall japanese girl roomate, a custom panhead chopper that just got rented to a movie studio for a major movie, an ol knuckle, another old pan in pieces, a servi-cycle in pieces, and enough parts to rival any vintage shop.

then theres my toy mopeds and bikes.

the local weekenders don't even look at us when they ride by anymore. they used to stop when someone was working on something, but after 2 minutes they have no idea what we're talking about.

i think my next project is gonna be a real bike. theres a coupla nortons i've been looking at.

basically, i think my interest in motored bikes is waning. probably build a race bike and a cruiser, but craahing and getting a 65 convertible caddy so i don't have to rely on my bike has kinda changed my perspective...
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