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Default Re: is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

LOL, thought it funny and at least I'm not alone seeing the wannabe Harley types up close and personal. I had a neighbor, recently moved, but he and his wife rode Harleys. Five days a week this dude was and investment banker, drove a nice BMW sedan, his wife drove a high end Lexus. But come the weekend they became 'hard core bikers'.

I mean hard core. Tattoos, do-rags, muscle shirts, leather and friends with bikes, choppers and hogs that would have been at home at any Texas road house. Mufflers were unheard of with this bunch and speed limit and stop signs in the neighborhood were ignored.

They got enough complaints from neighbors and the homeowner's association that they finally sold their home and moved. Good riddance. Phoney, plastic people like them aren't welcome anywhere except with their own.

I can only imagine what the real bikers must think of these weekend warriors who want so bad to be like them but end their day on the road in their hot tubs and air conditioned homes, sipping expensive wine and comparing their stock portfolios.

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