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Default Re: is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
I am amused sometimes when I take my bike to town and see Harley after Harley ride by with fat old guys wearing the same outfits, seemingly on the same bikes with expressions that say"... doan mess wit me... I go my own way... a wild one... an outlaw lookin' fer trouble" and all of them wearing outfits that say Harley Davidson on them with the same dew rags, etc. like uniforms as similar as a bunch of UPS drivers on motorcycles. Strange. And these are not cheap machines. But there are so many of them that nobody cares, nobody gives a second look. Then Aaniimoosh the wonder dog and I ride by on a 1950 Schwinn motor bicycle and scout troops stop en mass for a look, people wave and take pictures. It must really piss off some of the clones. You want to be manly? Quit worrying about looking tough and have some fun. Who cares what people think? Dare to be a kid again!
Preach it brother- an amen.

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