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Default Re: is anyone also finding a lack of interest?

i see new riders around here all the time, but almost always on budget builds. most of them don't know any of the laws, but neither do the police, apparently.

craigs is always full of junk motorized bicycles for low prices, and hi dollar builds like mine are almost impossible to sell.

since my accident i haven't ridden at all and have stayed pretty local, so i'm not out on the streets getting flagged down and asked about my bike all the time like i used to.

i did notice there's a few new laws for mopeds and motorized bicycles on the books. one is any moped that goes over 30 has to be registered as a motor driven cycle. the dmv website seems to be updated so its easier to find all the motorized bicycle laws.

this probably means more riders are getting ticketed, and more bikes are being licensed.

i've seen more custom bikes showing up at long beach mc swapmeet, even one with a reversed jug. talked to the guy and he said he got the idea from me after seeing my bike at the donut shop car show.

there's bicycle shops everywhere, but none of them want to deal with motorbikes. they all know me and respect my bikes, and will refer people to me, but they so know i just buy parts and do everything myself so i don't get snubbed like the average rider.

i think the "fad" stage is wearing off around here, if it even started in the first pace
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