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Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
I got my first chance to use the lathe today... I used it to make the center hole of a steel sprocket larger to fit on a Nexus 3-speed hub.

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The Nexus internal 3 coaster is a popular cruiser bike hub and a stock kit sprocket that will fit them would be great.

I have a stack of sprockets, mostly 410 chain size from newer Skyhawk 2-stroke kits I jackshafted, most are true, some have slight warps which is noted on them as when you stack of sprockets even the slightest of warp doesn't need to be used, and a couple of 415 chain size sprockets as well.

If I paid to ship you a box full of sprockets you could just have to re-sale or whatever you want would you in return ship me back two 410's and a 415 with the larger hole to fit a Nexus?

I really like that back wheel on beach cruiser and being able to use it on a direct drive 2-stroke kit would be a thrill hehehe ;-}

Cool new shop toys Norm, nice score ;-}
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