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Default Quality Engines and Sound Questions

First off I am completly new, I have been trying to google search a few concerns of mine, but I ran across this forum and it looks interesting.

I need to know which are the best quality engine kits to buy for the 66cc/80 or higher. Sick Bicycle or Grubee Skyhawk is what I have been looking at, I heard the kits sold at Toys 4 Boys Motorsports is cheap chinese engine and components. What good quality engine kits do you suggest?

Second question is, and this I researched for hours. I need/want to silence the engine waaaaay down, is it possible to lengthen the exhaust, expansion chamber glasspack, wrapped the headpipe and chamber with wrap, reduce the intake noise somehow??????, or what else would you suggest. I guess I will have to try all these methods, because no one I have found has really silenced them, I bet you everyone wants them louder, but I dont want to draw attention to myself, I like to blend in.
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